Domestic Abuse and Covid-19 – Supporting our Service Users and Colleagues

Police across the UK, including in Manchester, are expecting a rise in domestic abuse incidents, due to the extra tension within a family who are isolated.

It is feared that abusers will manipulate the Covid-19 situation to take advantage of their power and control over a victim.

As our MLCO and TLCO teams are on the frontline in the community, we have a key role in identifying and supporting people.

For example, we need to be aware of families and carers who may be struggling more than usual at this difficult time, and for those in the community who are receiving End of Life care and could be at risk of abuse.

Domestic abuse is more than physical violence.

It can also include, but is not limited to coercive control and ‘gaslighting’, economic abuse, online abuse, verbal abuse, emotional abuse and sexual abuse. All could be exacerbated by a period of lockdown.

All staff should make themselves familiar with the latest government guidance around domestic abuse:

Please take note of the guidance – particularly of the advice for victims when ringing the police if they cannot talk openly. Not being able to talk openly is something that has become more difficult in lockdown so systems such as Silent Solutions are even more important and staff need to know about them so that they can inform vulnerable service users.